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Block Calcium oxide

Block Calcium oxide

Block Calcium oxide

In accordance with Q/HHX 002-2012 Ⅳ


1.Molecular formula: CaO

2.Molecular weight: 56.08

3.Physical and chemical properties:

White block, without peculiar smell, absorbs Moisture and becomes Calcium hydroxide, extremely easy to absorption of Moisture, short storage period.


Widely used in production of calcium carbide, desiccant, building materials, chemical synthesis, smelting of non-ferrous metal, etc.

5.Main control index

No.  Project Content
1  Calcium Oxide (as CaO)  %≥  Calcium Oxide 90.0
2  Iron (as Fe) %≤  Iron 0.15
3  Magnesium Oxide (MgO)  %≤  Magnesium Oxide 1.5
4  Hydrochloride Insoluble  %≤  Insoluble hydrochloride 1.5


bulk or used bulk bag.